Howard Ikemoto:  The Last Show  
This special show honors a beloved artist and teacher who is unlikely to paint or teach again due to a debilitating illness.  

The work of Howard Ikemoto has been the topic of exhibitions in every regional museum and many galleries for three decades, yet this exhibition is not a measured and curated “best of this year’s cohesive paintings on a theme”, nor a new direction awaited by old admirers.  No, this exhibition presents the artistic residue of decades:  What of his drawings and paintings is not now already in museums or corporate or private collections, what is not so personal that the family will keep it,  is here for three days, with the intention of making it all accessible for colleagues, students and collectors to purchase. The Gallery is selling the work to ensure that all of his art has a loving home.  The funds raised will be used toward Howard’s care.

— Maureen Davidson

 Howard Ikemoto was an extraordinary teacher, I can’t tell you how deeply he influenced at least two generations of Santa Cruz artists. For us, his colleagues, we are glad to see such powerful evidence of decades of his creative exploration. 
— Lynda Watson